Claire draws her inspiration from everywhere. Music, films, books & artwork. Having travelled the world as an ice skater and worked in some of the biggest clubs as a dancer and DJ, she loves to lose herself in creating illusions from behind the cameras nowadays. The ultimate act of smoke & mirrors.The three biggest passions in her life are her husband, her daughter and her photography. Alongside working with some of the world’s most in demand alternative models, it is Claire’s work with real women that really sets her apart from her contemporaries. Watching ordinary women escape their lives & come alive in front of the camera is her biggest thrill.

A shoot with Claire is filled with laughter and she goes to extreme lengths to get that perfect shot. That balance of dark and sultry, or light and fun. She brings out the best in the women she works with.

You see, to Claire, photography is a never ending journey. It’s a path of discovery not just of her art but of herself too. Gaining both critical & commercial respect in her chosen field is amazing but the real excitement comes in what happens next…

by Gemma Miller