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Claire SevilleI love pinups, tattoos, glamour, glitz, bad girls, dressing up, glitter, huge eyelashes, being naughty, laughing my head off and shooting lots of lovely ladies. I hate kids TV, wet summers, anchovies, bad manners, football and being late.My story is quite a varied one; I left school and threw myself into full time training as an ice-skater. I fell in love with the sport when I was 13 and took to it like a duck to water; I competed all over the country and toured Europe in ice shows. I feel in love with the magic and sparkle of the shows and loved all the costumes and dressing up, this has played a huge part in my photography and I’m grateful that my Mom pushed me into doing the shows.

I eventually decided that I no longer wanted to work away from home and came back to sunny Birmingham where I managed to land myself a job as a nightclub dancer all over the city. I loved the social side to it and of course the dressing up! Me and one of the girls used to meet every Friday at Birmingham rag market and go and get all the bits we needed to make our costumes for the weekend. During this time one of my good friends was very kind and taught me how to DJ, with all the contacts I made dancing before long I was DJ’ing in the same clubs and was even given the opportunity to play on Andy Ward’s show on Galaxy radio. Whilst dancing and DJ’ing I had a little sideline of modelling, nothing serious, but it was extra cash and lots of fun. Then all of a sudden love struck and I met the man of my dreams who just so happened to be my best friend. Funny how the person you’re meant to be with can be staring you in the face for years without you realising it. We very quickly got married and the following year my beautiful little face came along – my daughter. This is when I decided I wanted to pick up a camera and take pictures of this beautiful being we had created. I studied at Solihull College and gained a HNC in photography with full distinction. I was also put forward for the Pearson sponsored award, which I won. My photography soon developed and eventually I found my niche, which is where I’m at today.

In the many years I’ve been working as a professional photographer I have been published in various magazines internationally Bizarre, Rabid, Lash n Ink, Pinup Perfection just to name a few. I’ve also worked with some of the best alternative models in the world including Masuimi Max, Ulorin Vex and Cervena Fox. I’ve also had my work exhibited at the Forever – Art Inspired by Ink exhibition twice and I hope to hold a solo show soon.

My passion lies with taking pictures of gorgeous ladies and I believe I can transform anyone into a work of art and help them fullfil their deepest desires and fantasies in print. When I get that initial email from a lovely lady that wants to be immortalised by my camera I get so excited at the thought of what we will create.

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What People Say

‘Whether you’re a professional or aspiring alt.model – or you just want to see what it feels like to strut your stuff in front of the camera – Birarre’s new favourite photographer, Claire Seville, can help you live out your wildest fantasies’ – Bizarre Magazine

‘I don’t know how to describe Claire, she is beyond words and so is her work. I wholeheartedly recommend her to EVERYONE!!! xxx’ – SINderella Rockafella

‘I had the pleasure of working with Claire when I was in England last. The shoots we have done together are some of my favorites! I am excited to work with her again!’ – Masuimi Max

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