Be a doll photo shoot by Claire Seville

Oh my! We have been having way too much fun here at Seville HQ, my super clever husband has once again fulfilled one of my crazy ideas and built me a life-size doll box!!!! Say what?!?!? The results have been awesome and I love the range of dollies that have come to visit so far, there is so many we can do with this, I even want to jump in and have a go myself. I always say that my job is like playing with real life Barbie dolls and now it really is.

The ‘Be a Doll’ photoshoot is open to everyone, when we say everyone, we mean everyone. Couples are welcome, as are kids, you could also bring your pet if you think your Chihuahua is the perfect accessory, if you are a Ken who would rock our box, get booked in!

Be a doll photo shoot by Claire Seville

The photoshoot will take place at Seville HQ in Bromsgrove, which isn’t too far from Birmingham. You can still go for a signature pinup, burlesque, boudoir, fashion or whatever you like look, just let us know what you fancy.

To book click the button below and we’ll get it all arranged today.


  • Professional Hair & Makeup Artist
  • Styling from our extensive wardrobe
  • 1 look in the custom built doll box
  • 5 expertly airbrushed images sent digitally
  • All the unedited images sent digitally
  • Refreshments
  • The option to purchase extra edits (£20 each)



Be a doll photo shoot by Claire Seville

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