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Be a doll photo shoot by Claire Seville

Oh my! We have been having way too much fun here at Seville HQ, my super clever husband has once again fulfilled one of my crazy ideas and built me a life-size doll box!!!! Say what?!?!? The results have been awesome and I love the range of dollies that have come to visit so far, there is so many we can do with this, I even want to jump in and have a go myself. I always say that my job is like playing with real life Barbie dolls and now it really is.

The ‘Be a Doll’ photoshoot is open to everyone, when we say everyone, we mean everyone. Couples are welcome, as are kids, you could also bring your pet if you think your Chihuahua is the perfect accessory, if you are a Ken who would rock our box, get booked in!

Be a doll photo shoot by Claire Seville

The photoshoot will take place at Seville HQ in Bromsgrove, which isn’t too far from Birmingham. You can still go for a signature pinup, burlesque, boudoir, fashion or whatever you like look, just let us know what you fancy.

To book click the button below and we’ll get it all arranged today.


  • Professional Hair & Makeup Artist
  • Styling from our extensive wardrobe
  • 1 look in the custom built doll box
  • 5 expertly airbrushed images sent digitally
  • All the unedited images sent digitally
  • Refreshments
  • The option to purchase extra edits (£20 each)



Be a doll photo shoot by Claire Seville

Guest Blog Jennie Homer

Amazing…. amazing…amazing – if you have had the pleasure of having a photo shoot with Claire Seville then you will understand the excitement going through my head right now…if you haven’t…read on. This is my personal experience and feelings of my day and I am positive that by the end you will be throwing your dishes in the sink for a soak, grabbing your laptop, searching for her website ( btw!) clicking ‘Book’ without a second thought….

It’s not very often I get to spruce myself up as a glitzy and glamorous glammer-puss, but this morning was a very special occasion. A pre- booked photo shoot that was just for me. You see, I am a Mother, I work, (as a Trainer in Health and Social Care), and married to my wonderful husband. So, it is safe to say I don’t have much time to myself. My days consist of school runs, washing, ironing, working…. School runs, washing, ironing, working…you catch my drift? Then there are the extra curriculum activities – swimming, ballet, football, (not including school friend’s birthday parties – homework! Sounds tiring! I am sure many of you can relate) Finding time for yourself can be a little tricky – but it can happen! I crave that ‘my’ time. I need to be me, ‘Jennie.’ I can guarantee some of you could be thinking “That’s my life to the T” Then let me explain a little more on why you need this occasion in your life….

Arriving for my 10am slot I was nervous and excited all rolled into one. I met the gorgeous Claire and Kari. Kari was attending to my make – up and hair and I couldn’t wait for the outcome. Seeing the range of brushes, eye shadows and lip sticks I was hooked. This is every girl’s dream, having a makeover. I found myself really enlivened for those pictures. I felt compared to Marylin Monroe. I could easily have skipped along to Breakfast with Tiffaney’s with Audrey Hepburn. Once finished a mirror reflected my appearance “Wow” was my first thought. I felt rather pretty. Next was the garments. The lingerie was etourdisant. This is it I thought – time to have fun. Once dressed I had the pleasure of viewing myself in the full-length mirror. Well let me say – Betty Page would have approved! That’s how these shoots make you feel. How Claire makes you feel. She keeps you at ease throughout and explains in simple detail what you need to do. Simples. You experience a different and lux ours other side to you. I didn’t want to get undressed! I wanted to swan around in a pent house as this sexy little minx I truly felt.

As I sit in my kitchen – concluding my post for you, I smile remembering the fun I endured yesterday. Even as a Mother, Daughter, wife, Career driven – maybe a student – we all need that time to ourselves. I said to Claire “Every girl needs this fun their life!” You leave feeling like a new woman. But you’re not a new woman – you are you! You just need to make that time and book up, embrace your beauty within. You need to show off the real you and be proud of her…she is proud of you every day! This is all achievable with Claire.

You need to let the Goddess in you free!

Jennie XXXXX


When you think of a photoshoot you probably only think about the obvious, some nice pictures to put round the house, something different and fun to do, having your hair & makeup done etc. But, a photoshoot can do so much more than that. It can give a huge boost confidence, it can change your outlook on how you feel about yourself, it can relight a spark that has lost its glow and can make you feel fabulous.

Photo Shoot Xmas Present

Our pinup and boudoir makeovers really are quite special, every lady leaves feeling fabulous, pampered, relaxed and full of confidence. What a gift that is in itself! But besides that, they get to have an extra fun time, feel totally pampered and then receive some amazing pictures that they will treasure forever.

Absolutely everything is taken care of, hair, makeup, outfits, posing, the lot, all you have to do is turn up and we’ll do the rest. You really couldn’t wish for anymore. So when you write your Christmas gift list this year, why not think of that special lady that could do with an extra special gift and book her one of our boudoir or pinup photoshoots. Sure to put a huge grin on her face!Buy a photography shoot for Christmas

Is a pinup or boudoir shoot for me?

Purely PinUps Pin Up Photo Shoots by Claire Seville

Is a pinup or boudoir shoot for me?

A question many of you ladies seem to ask yourselves. You obviously like the idea in order to ask such a question! Well, yes of course it’s for you, it’s for anybody that wants one.

I often get ladies say; when I’ve lost some weight, when I feel a bit better about myself, when I’ve more confidence, one day I’m going to do one of your shoots!

What I say is…seize the day ladies, it’s there for the taking. Life should be full of doing things that make you happy and if getting all glammed up, posing for some fabulous photos and being made to feel like a total babe does that for you, then for goodness sake, go for it!!! What do you have to loose?

There’s no discrimination or judgement here, we’re about ladies building up each other and making them see just how bloody wonderful they are!

All those things that are stopping you do what you want are just barriers you’re putting in your own way. You only end up hurting yourself. We worry too much about what others think of what society says is right and proper. Wear the god damn dress, buy the shoes, eat the cake and live your life how you want and make it count!

Book a pin up photography photo shoot

pinup photography pinup photoshoots

Pinup Vs Boudoir

This is something that crops up quite a lot when ladies initially contact me about booking a makeover photo shoot. Most of them have the same conundrum, which to go for a boudoir makeover or a pinup makeover? The general consensus is that they love both looks but are not sure what they will suit them best. So I am hoping that this blog entry will help with this question.

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The Shooter Gets Shot!

Ok so something a little bit crazy happened in October, I was asked by the wonderful Rebelicious Magazine to appear on their cover!!!! Me, little old me on the cover of a magazine, can you believe it? They also included wonderful feature all about my pinup photography. Of course I jumped at the chance and was so overwhelmed and completely honored they had given me this opportunity.

Then came the difficult part, I had to get in front of the camera! Eek! Believe or not I don’t actually like having my picture taken, but I had to get over it and get it done. My secret photographer, who took the pictures for me, did an amazing job and I was totally thrilled with the results. Gypsy Lady Makeup was at hand to make me look beautiful and feel a million dollars and as I settled in to the idea I thought ‘I could get used to this!’ ha!

Rebelicious magazine October 2014 Issue featuring Claire Seville

I was able to experience what my ladies experience when they come for a pinup or boudoir makeover shoot for the second time this year. As nerve racking as it is, I completely understood why my wonderful ladies came back to me again and again. It really is a fun and confidence building experience and by the end of the shoot I loved it!

Rebelicious magazine October 2014

Next came the really exciting part, I was interviewed for the magazine and got to speak about my passion and love for what I do. It was so nice to get across why I fell in love with taking pictures of beautiful pinups and creating fun images with all the lovely ladies. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do what I do, what I love, what I couldn’t live with out.

When the magazine came out the response I got was phenomenal, so much positive support for it and I was so overwhelmed. I have to say it was a very proud moment for me.

Rebelicious magazine featuring pinup photographer

Rebelicious magazine pin up photography

Rebelicious magazine October Halloween issue

If you would like to read the full article just follow the below link:

Thanks for reading, be back soon xxx