Hello you beautiful people!

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Hello you beautiful people and a very welcome to my very first blog post. Please be gentle with me as I pop my blog cherry, so to speak and please pull up a pew and make yourselves at home.

Over the next few months I’ve got lots to show you including some of my favourite models, alternative fashion designers, events, tattoos and general shenanigans. For now though, let’s give you a little introduction to what I do and me.


So this is me, Claire Seville, photographer of wonderful ladies, lover of anything quirky, unusual or out and out weird, Wife, Mom and planner of the fun times. Photography is my passion and I grab inspiration from literally everywhere. I am a very lucky girl, I get to make fantastic ladies feel amazing, offering a feel good experience that they can cherish forever.

I feel like a kid again when I do my shoots, except now I have my very own real life dolls to play dress up with. Styling is massively important to my shoots, finding that perfect outfit that makes a lady feel amazing is key. So many designers around at the moment that are producing some amazing pieces.

Latex draws me in like a moth to a flame, it might not be for everyone, but when the lights hit that shiny rubbery goodness I get butterflies. Vintage pinup is also a genre I love recreating. The glamour of a bygone era that is forever timeless. All girls love to feel like a Hollywood movie star!

So there it is, a small taste of what I do and what I’m about. Feel free to have a mooch and visit any time for a chat and a giggle.

Big loves

Claire xxx


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