Is a pinup or boudoir shoot for me?

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Is a pinup or boudoir shoot for me?

A question many of you ladies seem to ask yourselves. You obviously like the idea in order to ask such a question! Well, yes of course it’s for you, it’s for anybody that wants one.

I often get ladies say; when I’ve lost some weight, when I feel a bit better about myself, when I’ve more confidence, one day I’m going to do one of your shoots!

What I say is…seize the day ladies, it’s there for the taking. Life should be full of doing things that make you happy and if getting all glammed up, posing for some fabulous photos and being made to feel like a total babe does that for you, then for goodness sake, go for it!!! What do you have to loose?

There’s no discrimination or judgement here, we’re about ladies building up each other and making them see just how bloody wonderful they are!

All those things that are stopping you do what you want are just barriers you’re putting in your own way. You only end up hurting yourself. We worry too much about what others think of what society says is right and proper. Wear the god damn dress, buy the shoes, eat the cake and live your life how you want and make it count!

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