Pinup Vs Boudoir

This is something that crops up quite a lot when ladies initially contact me about booking a makeover photo shoot. Most of them have the same conundrum, which to go for a boudoir makeover or a pinup makeover? The general consensus is that they love both looks but are not sure what they will suit them best. So I am hoping that this blog entry will help with this question.

Let’s start with boudoir, one of my favourite styles, so sexy and perfect for that feel good experience. Boudoir makeovers are perfect for ladies who have never had a shoot before, although you are wearing lingerie or maybe nude if you are feeling brave, it’s very relaxed. You’ll be lying on a bed, I’ll be sorting out all the poses for you and all you have to do is lie there and look gorgeous, which you certainly will after a fabulous makeover from one of my lovely makeup artists.

Now for Pinup, always loads of fun and I absolutely love transforming an everyday girl into a beautiful pinup doll! A lot of ladies think they can’t pull of the pinup look, well, let me tell you different, anyone can pull it off. You have to remember that we will be making you over into a 1950s goddess, so there is absolutely nothing you can’t pull off. Obviously if you have short hair it might be more difficult to get an authentic pinup hair style, but we will rock what ever you have and make you look fabulous.

Claire Seville Boudoir and Pin Up Photo Shoots

So in conclusion ladies, you really can do both! Sorry, I haven’t helped there much have I? But really there is no rule of thumb, you should go for what ever you want to do and we will smash it. It’s really about having some fun and creating some beautiful images that you can cherish.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will answer them gladly, if you want a pinup photo shoot and/or a boudoir photo shoot then come see me and we’ll have all the fun!

Claire Seville Boudoir and Pin Up Photo Shoots Claire Seville Boudoir and Pin Up Photo Shoots Claire Seville Boudoir and Pin Up Photo Shoots

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